hCG Dieting: Why you Should avoid it like the Plague

People are yearning for a healthy and fit body. But, the problem is that nowadays, people are so fat that they’ve probably reached the levels of obesity. Obesity is one of the deadliest health conditions one can have, so it is just right to lose fat and maintain a normal body weight, right?

So, how are you going to do this? Well, conventional wisdom states that you can lose fat the healthy way by following a proper diet plan and doing the right kinds of exercises.But, diet fads have sprung up here and there in the hopes that people would join the bangwagon. And the sad truth is, they do, only to find themselves right back where they started.

So, why are these diets ineffective? That is because of the calorie restrictions and the impossible exercise regimen that it has. Some people just don’t have enough patience and determination to do what the diet plan requires.

hcgSo, what are you to do? You resort to shady diet schemes that “promise” results. Well, that was what a certain girl did, and she regretted it. This girl tried one of the most famous diet fads, the hCG dieting.

For security reasons, we’ll just call her “Amber”. Amber wanted to lose weight because she said that there are numerous weddings she wants to attend this year, and she wanted to look good before the wedding days come.

So, she went to seek guidance from a weight-loss clinic in Germantown. First, she was issued an appetite suppressant. The problem with the suppressant is that increased her anxiety levels and thus, she was eating a lot more.

The following week, she came back to the clinic and they suggested that she should try the hCG diet. They convinced her that she could lose as much as 40 pounds in just 43 days by only consuming a total of 500 calories per day and taking hCG injections.

She was convinced and she bought some hCG shots. The initial dose was seven shots that are good for a week, and she had to pay $502 for it.

This is where things turned for the worst. Amber said truthfully, “I gained weight with it.” After seeing that the weight won’t go away, she sought the help of a medical professional. The doctor said that it was impossible to lose that much weight in a short span of time.

Not only that, but it is quite unhealthy as well. People who are subject to extreme calorie deficiencies will only be eating much more after a short period of time. Also, you’re paying a lot of money for hCG shots that made real people fatter rather than slimmer.

So, what’s the lesson behind all of this? Never believe certain diet fads that promise you that you can lose a lot of weight in such a short time. Always remember that weight loss is a journey, not something you can cheat and do in just a couple of days.